our tips and step-by-step plan!

wallpaper yourself

If you choose to apply the wallpaper yourself or by an external party, we have some tips and handy instruction videos for you below.

Attention point! Check the wallpaper first, then start wallpapering.

How you or a third party treat and apply the product determines the final result. In the event of a disappointing end result, this is never covered by the warranty of the product itself. Please consider this in advance and discuss this with your specialist.

Step 1 | surface preparation

Does the wall consist of plasterboard, or was it plastered recently

Then make sure that it is pre-treated with a transparent primer to prevent the absorbing effect. The wall must be completely dry and pre-treated before wallpapering. Lay out the strips on the wall and paint the seams on the wall in the color of the wallpaper.

Step 2 | Check wallpaper

When the wallpaper arrives, first check the package. Then check the wallpaper for any damage. With custom wallpaper, you first look at the strips next to each other.

In case of any defects, please contact us immediately. Only when everything has been checked and satisfies you will you process the product.

Step 3 | Read the processing instructions

The material of your wallpaper determines the correct method of processing and application. Therefore, always start by reading the supplied instructions from the supplier. Check whether the material properties match the adhesive and whether it is therefore suitable. Natural materials and textiles are difficult to apply, please consult a specialist.

Step 4 | Use the right glue

The use of the correct adhesive depends on the material of the wallpaper. This concerns the carrier (backing material/backing). The type of material is always indicated on the wallpaper. It is important to check beforehand so that you are sure that the glue is suitable.

instructional video

wallpaper with paper back

instructional video

wallpaper with a Non Woven backing

instructional video

vinyl wallpaper with paper backing

An alternative method, if you still want to glue the wall. with, for example, Arte Clearpro.